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Wood insects can attack growing trees, timber depots as well as installed wood in use. Attack on installed timber (roofing, builders’ joinery, panelling, flooring, etc.) is obvious because of characteristic appearance of the surface, which is pitted with tiny holes, the sound wood-boring insects create, and because of worm holes or wood flour under affected wood. Such damages are usually caused by larvae of wood-boring beetles, which are usually called “woodworms” because of their appearance. The mode of restoration of attacked wood depends on the type of wood product, thickness of wood elements, type of wood and wood insect, etc. Any subsequent attacks and damages may usually be prevented by using the protective agent Silvanolin® or Silvanol (GB or G-yellow), which is largely applied on entry holes or surface holes. As regards the products, whose appearance or their aesthetic function is also important, for example, in case of builders` joinery, entry holes can also be filled up with appropriate putty following the application of a suitable protective preparation.

Insects or woodworms in wood can also be destroyed by heating wood, whereby the temperature in wood (also in the middle) must exceed 80°C. Processing at lower temperatures (such as, over 55°C) must last much longer. With the Silvapro® processing of waste wood, affected by woodworms (such as, elements of removed roof constructions), it is possible to prepare interesting pieces of wood for creation of stylish furniture and thus reuse it for making products with high added value.