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Wood protection products

Sustainable development also includes the rational use of wood and other renewable resources. During the increment of wood in forests, vast quantities of carbon dioxide from atmosphere are bound into it, contributing to mitigation of climate changes. With adequate basic wood protection we can significantly extend the lifespan of our products and wooden structures. In this way we save the wood as a resource, reduce costs of renovations and new construction, and carbon bound into the wood (forests) is being stored in much longer period of time.

Regulation area of preservatives (biocides) for wood in the EU is increasingly stringent. In the last 15 years a number of new regulations were put into effect (e.g. directive 98/8/EC on biocidal products, regulation no. 528/2012 on the availability of biocidal products on the market and their use, directive REACH on the registration, revaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals etc.), which limit the number of authorized substances and their use. Field of protective preparations for wood in Slovenia is supervised by the Chemical office of the Republic of Slovenia. Effect, with right selection of permitted substances and use of protective equipment, is shown to be negliable on health of humans and the environment. When using protective agents in the interior it is necessary to ensure that we do not use harmful volatile substances, when impregnating wood intended for outdoor use it is necessary that we use protective agents that integrate into the wood and bound into its structure so the precipitation doesn’t wash them out. That would contaminate the environment, and also reduce the effectiveness of preservative. When applying protective agent it is necessary to follow manufacturer's instructions and not alter composition of the preservative in any way (adding different substances or chemicals, diluting etc.).

In Silvaprodukt we strive to develop efficient and environment friendly wood preservatives. All our preparations and methods for wood preservation are in accordance with environmental guidelines and EU legislation. While in thermal modification process for permanent wood protection we do not use any chemicals, all our other preservatives have been proven that protective components do not vapor or get excreted into the environment in any way. Because of this, wood protected with our preservatives and methods can be used indoors, in contact with soil and running water, without any concerns/hesitations.

When choosing wood preservatives, we must first make sure of its efficiency (testing, compliance with standards) and its appropriate composition and compliance with EU legislation. When preparing large projects and/or project documentation, it is advisable to consult with experts in the field of wood protection (e.g. Department of wood Science and Technology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana).