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Vacuum impregnation


For less exposed outdoors wood (eg. the roof truss, cornices, wooden lining under the roof) protection by spraying or splashing of protective agent over the wood is usually sufficient. For more exposed wood (eg. cladding, garden fences, etc.), we recommend dipping the wood in a preservative in special troughs (eg. wooden, coated with foil) or pools in which protective agent penetrates into the wood few millimeters deep.

Also all wooden parts, where there is a possibility of high humidity (eg. the basement), accidental events (eg. an error in the construction of wooden structures and houses with the result of condensation of water vapor, water spills installations ...) or exposure to excessive moisturizing, have to be protected with wood preservative.

If the timber is in constant contact with liquid water, soil, or even sea water, it is necessary that the process of wood protection is carried out by a qualified technician. In these cases, it is only with special equipment that allows vacuum-pressure impregnation that we can provide sufficiently effective protection of wood against wood pests.

Vacuum impregnation wood protection process is therefore used for wood meant for outdoor use - constant contact with the ground, soil or running water and for wood that will be used in constant contact with seawater.

- vineyard poles
- wooden paving
- shingles (wooden decking)
- logs
- pilots in sea water (pier)
- all kinds of wooden fences and garden furniture in direct contact with the soil
- All supporting elements of wooden structures