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Compliance testing of protective means with independent institutions

In Silvaprodukt we ensure that our products and services comply with standards in the field of wood protection and that their effectiveness is regularly tested by independent institutions like University of Ljubljana and other independent institutions abroad.

An example of the certificate of our product compliance with these standards
BS-CEN / TS 15083-1: 2006; Durability of wood and wooden products; Determination of natural durability of solid wood for protection against fungi, test methods Part 1: Fungi - Basidiomycetes

BS EN 152: 1996; Methods of testing wood preservatives; Laboratory method for determining the preventive effectiveness of a protective agent against blue fungi Part 1: Application by brushing

BS EN 46-1: 2010; Wood preservatives; Determination of preventive action against the house goatling Hylotrupes bajulus (Linnaeus) - Part 1 .: Larvicidial effect (Laboratory method)
EN 84: 2002; Wood preservatives; Accelerated aging of the protected wood against biological testing; method washout

SIST ENV 1250-2: 2004; Wood preservatives; Procedures for measuring losses of active substances and other protective constituents from treated wood; Part 2: The laboratory method for preparation of samples for the determination of losses by leaching into water or leaching by synthetic sea water.

BS-CEN / TS 15119-1: 2008; Durability of wood and wooden products; Determination of emissions from wood into environment; Part 1: Fresh protected wood storage and wood products exposed to the third class of application (not covered, not in contact with the ground); Laboratory method

BS EN 275: 2004; Wood preservatives; Determination of preventive effectiveness of preservatives protection against marine organisms

BS-CEN / TS 12037: 2005; Wood preservatives; Field test method for determining the relative effectiveness of preventive wood preservative out of contact with the ground

Method according to Becker (1969); Protective agents termiticidy