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Silvanolin® is one of the most effective wood preservatives. It successfully protects wood even in the harshest, extreme conditions.
Silvanolin® protects wood from wood-decay fungus as well as insects, termites and marine pests. The formulation of Silvanolin enables its ingredients to bind into the wood structure and ensures that they can’t be washed off. That’s why we can use Silvanolin® to permanently protect the wooden components that will be exposed to the harshest environments and weather conditions (rain, snow, permanent contact with fresh or sea water etc.). As the kindest solvent, in the process of preparation and application of Silvanolin®, we use water.

Silvanolin® is suitable for all kinds of wood protection processes: coating, spraying, pouring, and diving, as well as for vacuum-pressure impregnation process. For protecting the wood that is not going to be exposed to precipitation (e.g. the protection roofing, projecting roofs etc.) we recommend using coating or short-time diving impregnation processes (in which we consume 1 kg of protection product on 4 to 6 m2 of wooden surfaces). For facade cladding, log cabins, balcony and garden fences, children outdoor playground elements and garden furniture protection, we recommend at least a 24-hour wood diving in Silvanolin®, whereby we achieve a higher uptake of preservative, as active means of protection penetrate at least 5 mm deep into the wood. To protect the wood, which we intend to use in permanent contact with water (fresh or marine) or soil, we need to use the process of vacuum-pressure impregnation.
During the process of protection with Silvanolin® the wood colors pastel green. Protected wood exposed to sunlight (UV rays) eventually turns gray. Sewing of surface of the wood is a natural process that does not affect the quality or lifespan of the wooden product/structure. If you want to have protected wood stained or prevent the graying of the surface, we recommend the use of Silvanol stain B glazing.

Packaging units: 0,8 kg, 5 kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 200kg.
Biotechnical Faculty (Department of wood Science and Technology), University of Ljubljana