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Other tests of Silvaprodukts products

Within company itself we regularly check the quality of our products. With accumulated knowledge and experience we can constantly improve our products and services, and provide our customers with the right advice and guidance in the field of wood protection.

Silvaprodukts test field at companies headquarters.

We are conducting two facade tests at the moment at our company’s headquarters, one positioned on the south and the other on the west side of the building. In this way we better capture and observe the conditions the facades (wood) face in reality.
Facade on the north side of the building.

Facade on the south side of the building.

Test field at Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

Silvaprodukt Company, in close cooperation with Biotechnical University and experts from Department of wood Science and Technology, is conducting ongoing tests of many different wood samples on field at the Universities headquarters.
After 10 years – beams are decomposing, while some of our impregnated samples remain perfectly healthy. 

The first type of samples shows the inadequacy of commercial oils for outdoor wood protection.

Many samples that failed are being examined in laboratories. During years long testing we also had to cut down few higher self-planted trees.
Different samples of wood after 8 years.

Regular inspections of test samples.

Regular inspection of samples on test field – Ig, conducted by prof. dr. Humar and doc. Dr. Lesar from Biotechnical University in Ljubljana.
Regular inspection of test samples.
Test sample at inspection (in soil for 5 years).
Test samples after 5 years in soil (the sample protected with Silvanolin is completely intact).

Test field Ig - 1

At our industrial plant location we are carrying out several field test of wood in natural environment.
Test field Ig - 1
Test field Ig - 2

At our industrial plant location we are carrying out several field test of wood in natural environment.
Test field Ig - 2

Test field Ig - 3

At our industrial plant location we are carrying out several field test of wood in natural environment. Test field 3 contains samples of wood in soil in dense grass – for wood extremely unfavorable conditions.
Samples of wood in soil and dense grass, directly next to the wall.
After 5 years in soil – left sample is showing signs of decay and decomposing, while right sample – protected with Silvanolin – from same location after 5 years shows perfect health and is completely intact.

Biotechnical University of Ljubljana test field – 2

This is the second on going test field at Biotechnical university of Ljubljana, where long term tests are being conducted. Manny of the samples have already been destroyed by harsh conditions and are being replaced with new ones constantly. Only samples protected with Silvanolin still remain and defy conditions. Destroyed samples are further used in laboratory studies and tests.
Biotechnical University of Ljubljana test field – 2.

University of Oregon test field

In Silvaprodukt we have more than 6000 wood test samples protected with Silvanolin being tested around the world on different locations. One of institutions that conducts these tests is University of Oregon in United States of America.

University of Oregon test field.