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Our products

Non-resistant wood species (beech, ash, fir, spruce, pine, larch, etc.) used outdoors can be effectively protected against decay only by the means and procedures for basic protection and with deep wood absorption of preservative. Basic wood protection needs to be made only once in woods life cycle, that is why it is important to choose high-quality and efficient protective agent. Silvaprodukts best, in terms of basic protection, are: protective agent Silvanolin® and the process of thermal modification of wood named Silvapro®, both result of our own research and development.

After the basic protection has been made, we can optionally paint the wood with stain coatings, which slow down the process of aging and graying of the wood surface. When painting wood that will be exposed to weather conditions, it is important to choose thin-layer vapor-permeable coatings, as only these enable renewal and especially – they allow the wood to "breathe". Silvaprodukts top coating product is thin-layer acrylic stain coating based on water called Silvanol stain B.

You can use our product for protection by yourself at home, or you can leave us to do the service for you. In our production facilities, we offer professional impregnation of wood products with Silvanolin® and service of thermal modification of wood by procedure Silvapro®. In collaboration with experts from the University of Ljubljana we can also offer assistance with rehabilitation of already infected/affected wooden facilities by wood decay fungi or wood insects (“worms”).

Products and services of Silvaprodukt company can be trusted, as we have 65 years of experience in the wood protection field. All of our products and services are guaranteed environmentally friendly, in accordance with Slovenian and EU legislation, and their performance is regularly reviewed by independent institutions.