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Model building for the following of wood life expectancy

In the past, several resistance tests of wood protected with our products/processes have been carried out ranging from laboratory tests to test in the field with samples in soil and in seawater, but recently we participated in setting up the first model building set up especially for monitoring the lifetime of wood protected with our products. Experts from the Biotechnical Faculty from University of Ljubljana regularly monitor condition of the wood protected with preservative Silvanolin and Silvapro - wood protected with thermal modification process. On the facade cladding, wooden flooring, wooden roofing, buildings carpentry (doors and windows) and the building as whole. Many parameters that affect the lifespan and condition of wooden products (samples) or building are monitored and analyzed day and night to provide data and answers on quality and functionality of protected wood. Among many parameters which we track are temperature, humidity of the wood, weather conditions, etc.

The test building has also wooden doors and windows build into it made from Silvapro wood and designed and manufactured by M SORA company. Proven lower thermal conductivity of Silvapro wood is reflected in measurements of the temperature of the window frame and thermal imaging footage of the building. Because of greater resistance and dimensional stability of Silvapro wood, lifetime of these wooden product expands.

Building contractors, manufacturers of wooden houses, as well as other parties can see on this model building how do our products and wood treated by them behave over time. The project is co-financed by Slovenian Research Agency RS.

Test house with 22 different types of wood and 850 samples placed in front of the Department of wood Science and Technology, Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana.

Test house in all weather conditions.

Test window M SORA