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PROVEN friendly to
the environment
We guarantee 3x LONGER
life for wood
1x and permanently protected,
Several decades of traditionally testing products
Wood protection products
Thermal wood processing
Protection through wood dipping
Vacuum impregnation
As every year, at the Municipal Day of the Municipality of Ig, individuals, companies and associations received awards for their achievements. ...
We are proud to announce that we have received the International Awards Committee Award and Recognize >Creators for Centuries< for 2019 for our great contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Central and South-Eastern Europe. ...
As for several years in a row, this year we are among the companies that are recipients of the Excellent SME Slovenia business excellence certificate. ...
Newest researches of experts at the University of Ljubljana show that the majority of already protected wooden elements available in technical stores on the Slovenian market are not appropriate for their intended use, as their protection does not ...
We are proud that we are going to be part of the interesting and ambitious project Immersive School of Architecture , as part of which architecture students from Slovenia, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, ...
The field of woodworking, acting under the umbrella of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, organised the now already traditional member’s convention on the last Friday in September. ...

About us and our products

We are one of the few companies that has been developing and manufacturing products for wood protection for more than 65 years. We also provide consultations and services of basic protection for your wood products. Our motto is that wood needs to be protected only once throughout its entire lifetime. Wood protection thus represents a minimum cost in the construction of wooden houses and other wooden facilities, which is negligible in comparison to the costs of damage caused by wood-damaging pests. Once a product or facility is handed over to a new owner and when the opening ceremony cameras shut down, the most important factors are simple maintenance and the lifetime during which the wood will serve all its functions, including the aesthetic function. Your wood product or facility should stay beautiful and serve its function for a long time.

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About the company

Silvaprodukt Company has more than 65 years of experience in wood protection field. All of our products/methods for wood protection are proven to be highly effective, but also environment and to peoples health friendly. Basic wood protection, which was carried out with our products or services, doesn’t have to be renewed, because our products/methods are highly effective even in the toughest conditions throughout the entire life cycle of your wooden product or structure.

Silvaprodukts products are the result of domestic knowledge and own development and production. In research and development we often cooperate with the University of Ljubljana and other academic institutions. All of our products and services are also compliant with the European standards in the field of wood protection, and their effectiveness is regularly tested by the University and other independent institutions abroad. All our products are also compatible with current European legislation, which ensures that with correct use all of our products are perfectly harmless to people and environment.