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We are proud to announce that we have received the International Awards ...
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Sponsorship of the Immersive School of Architecture 2019

We are proud that we are going to be part of the interesting and ambitious project Immersive School of Architecture, as part of which architecture students from Slovenia, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, the United States of America and even Australia will actively spend the week between April 11th and 16th 2019 at a remote location in the beautiful Trenta valley, surrounded by the picturesque environment of the Triglav National Park.
During this week they will tackle various tasks in a relaxed atmosphere under the guidance of internationally renowned mentors. The week-long workshop will be led by the mentors Richard Leplastrier, Maruša Zorec and Peter Stutchbury, who are world-renowned for their modern, intelligent and sensitive design. The workshop will also be supported by selected critics and experts such as Aleš Vodopivec, Aleksander Ostan and Matej Gašperič.

We gladly accepted the sponsorship of this remarkable event, especially on account of our long-standing excellent collaboration with the architectural firm of Matej Gašperič (here you can read his thoughts regarding our products and services). Our samples are already exposed to weathering at the Kekčeva domačija, once the set of one of the first Slovenian movies that has recently been carefully renovated, and in April the samples will also be available to event participants.