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Silvanol Lazura B

Silvanol stain B is a modern, thin-coat water-based acrylic coating.
With its use we simply and effectively protect the surface of the wood
or wooden product. It is intended for both internal and external use.
Silvanol stain B is designed for surface protection of wooden windows, doors, garden and balcony railings, facade coverings, projecting roofs, garden furniture, etc.. Silvanol stain B colors the wood into desired shade and protects its surface against graying, but does not cover its texture or appearance, so wood retains its aesthetic value. Silvanol B stain can be applied on wood by brushing or spraying. 1 kg of Silvanol stain B is sufficient for double coating of approx. 4-6 m2 of wooden surface. For outdoor use, we recommend that the wood is previously protected by a basic preservative Silvanolin.

Instructions for use of Silvanol stain B

Silvanol stain B color scale

Packaging units: 0,8 kg, 5 kg, 10kg, 20kg.

Biotechnical Faculty (Department of wood Science and Technology), University of Ljubljana