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SILVACERA® – water-based wax preparation for effective and long-lasting protection of wood outdoors
Silvaprodukt proudly presents a revolutionary innovation: an incredibly effective and resistant water-based wax formulation – Silvacera®, intended for the protection of wood for outdoor use. Silvacera® wax offers extraordinary water repellence, is completely natural and offers a high-tech alternative to synthetic coatings and oils which require very frequent and repeated maintanance.
The key factor of wood decaying processes is its moisture content. If we keep the wood dry, we can significantly increase its service life.

Silvacera® wax is used for the protection of wood, intended for outdoor use, that is not in constant contact with the ground (soil) or running water. It protects wooden elements from absorbing moisture and precipitation, both on the surface and in the interior, thereby significantly increasing their service life. Silvacera® wax is suitable for all types of natural and thermally modified wood (less suitable only for less absorptive wood species and wood species with a higher content of tannins, e.g. oak and chestnut). It is used for surface protection of windows, doors, garden and balcony railings, pergolas, garden furniture, beehives, playground equipment, etc. Since Silvacera® wax doesn't contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), it is also suitable for the protection of wood indoors, such as working surfaces, countertops etc. The colourless Silvacera® wax does not alter the natural appearance of the wood, it merely emphasizes its natural structure.  For all those, who wish to colour the wood when applying the protective layer, Silvacera® wax is also available in various colour tones. We renew the coating of Silvacera® wax when it is necessary. The re-coating is simple and does not require grinding – simply clean the surface, apply a new coating and harden the wax thermally.

Silvacera® wax was developed as part of the H2020-SME project WINTHERWAX (

Instructions for use of Silvacera® wax.
Silvacera color chart

Biotechnical Faculty (Department of wood Science and Technology), University of Ljubljana