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Wood decay fungi and insects are organisms that attack and degrade timber and severely shorten the lifespan of timber products. The most influential factor in wood degradation processes is wood moisture content. To preserve wood from decay, it is tremendously important to keep the wood as dry as possible, which can be achieved in a couple of ways: with appropriate structural solutions, by protecting the wooden parts of a structure with surface coatings or if possible, using a combination of both. Some synthetic surface coatings can effectively pro¬tect wood from humidification, but they should be regularly maintained, while protective oils leach out of the wood during the use and are not as effective at all.
Silvaprodukt presents a worldwide novelty, an extremely effective and long-lasting naturally-based wax formulation Silvacera for protection of outdoor wood, which was developed in collaboration with institutions of knowledge, especially University of Ljubljana, and optimized together with partner company MSORA within the scope of the European H2020 project WINTHERWAX*.

Silvacera is the water-based wax formulation for protection of wood intended for outdoor use, namely for the wooden elements that are not in constant contact with the ground (soil) or running water. It protects the wooden elements from absorption of moisture and precipitations, both on the surface and in the interior. It increases the water repellence of wood in a completely natural way and at the same time it extends its life time for two or three times. Wooden elements protected with Silvacera need no future maintenance. The wax is based on natural components and offers a high-tech alternative to synthetic coatings based on oil derivatives which require frequent and repeated recoating. The wax is also suitable for all types of wood and for all types of heat-treated wood. It is used for surface protection of windows, doors, garden and balcony railings, pergolas, garden furniture, beehives, playground equipment, etc. Since Silvacera does not contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) it is suitable for the protection of wood both in internal (e.g.: working surfaces, countertops), and especially in external spaces. The excellent property of the Silvacera formulation is that it only emphasizes the natural structure of the wood and absolutely does not change its appearance. So also after the coating with Silvacera – wax formulation the wood remains completely unchanged in all its beauty and diversity.

* WINTHERWAX is a European H2020 project co-founded by European Union (

Colour chart on natural wood
Colour chart on thermally modified wood

Instructions for use of Silvacera wax.

Biotechnical Faculty (Department of wood Science and Technology), University of Ljubljana